MoonGuarD2016-03-29 11:03:11
MoonGuarD, 2016-03-29 11:03:11

3d scene modeling with Daz3d, where to start?

I am interested in 3D modeling of various scenes, for creating wallpapers, a sequence of pictures in a scene (not animation). Daz3d seems to be a good fit for this, there are tutorials, including in Russian, it's easy to get into the basics. The only negative is that if you need something more, which is not in Daz, you need, as I understand it, sculpting programs. The same Zbrush, judging by the tutorials, is often used. But most often there is a need only for sculpting clothes, weapons, etc.
Interested in what is most suitable for this? (I take a great interest as a hobby).
And also, perhaps you will advise good literature (preferably in Russian), which will help you get into all the basic concepts of modeling.

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