kosyrev_p2016-05-09 16:46:41
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kosyrev_p, 2016-05-09 16:46:41

3d scanning, point cloud, where to find a programmer?

Good afternoon,
You need to find a programmer who specializes in 3d, point clouds, understands rendering and web applications.
Project details:
A 3d scan of a room or building is provided, which is made using a 3d scanner (Faro for example), which gives a point cloud as an output. This scan needs to be made into a custom view, to be able to view and navigate using a web application. It is necessary to lay in the web application the functionality of displaying different zones, signal points, instructions, arrows, etc., in general, in the interface, you can turn on and off different viewing modes and functions.
Please tell me where to find a person who is ready to participate in this?

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Sergey Pugovkin, 2016-05-16

What's the budget?

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