shaddyk2012-09-14 15:02:29
shaddyk, 2012-09-14 15:02:29

3D scanning algorithms

I am looking for information on the topic of 3D scanning algorithms.
How they will be used: there is a platform with two degrees of freedom on which any relatively small object and a linear displacement transducer with a rod (photoelectric sensor LIR-14) can be fixed.
What you need: an algorithm that could, based on the approximate overall dimensions, determine the required number of platform rotations to obtain a cloud of points, from which the model will then be built.
As for 3d-ness, you can take your time, for a start, I would like to learn how to build a projection.

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gleb_kudr, 2012-09-16

www.david-laserscanner.com/ - there is a good English-language forum on the topic.

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