Michael Sne Bjorn Palagin2015-06-15 17:20:04
Michael Sne Bjorn Palagin, 2015-06-15 17:20:04

3D packages vs one ZBrush 4R7, is it real?

Hello toasters. Here I have a question. With the release of ZBrush 4R7, many new features have been added, including Extrude, Bridge & etc.
Somewhere, at some lecture, I heard that with this version you can completely do without Mikey, Max, etc.
Is it real?
That is, is it realistic to be a modeler having studied only one ZBrush 4R7?
Please do not throw slippers too much, since I am generally new to this and therefore I want to clarify everything ...
UPD. - I'll add one more thing. After I read a lot of interesting things, watched a bunch of lectures, videos, etc., I decided that I wanted to seriously get involved in 3D and I like the direction of creating models, whether it's a house or a character, as I understand people, this is a modeler. And now to the question above, is it possible to work with ZBrush 4R7 and only? It doesn't matter whether it's a game studio, an advertising agency or the film industry.

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fenstann, 2015-06-16

You can only work in zbrush, but basic knowledge of 3d max will not hurt. If you continue to get a job, then you will definitely be asked for skills in other 3d editors, at least at the initial / basic level

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