Andrey Bazykin2010-10-05 20:01:54
Andrey Bazykin, 2010-10-05 20:01:54

3D models purchase?

Please tell me a resource where you can download or buy good (high-quality) models for 3DS Max. Thanks in advance.

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mentalic, 2010-10-05

Free 3D models:
and sold here:
http://turbosquid.com , the largest stock store of 3D models in the world, offers its users a new and improved interface for searching through the catalog of professional 3D models and textures, allowing you to quickly find what you need among more than 250,000 products.
When creating a search engine for 3D models, marketing research and surveys of site visitors were carried out. As a result, the search engine is able to instantly provide a result on request, immediately informing the user how many Internet stock products match the requested parameters. For example, for the query "human" ("person"), the system gives 9391 results and the user immediately knows that 7261 of them are compatible with 3dMax and the price of 7393 models does not exceed $100. When changing or adjusting the search query parameters, the system immediately responds by changing the number of models matching the query. According to the site's management, such a search engine has a positive impact on sales growth.
The webshop visitor can also adjust the thumbnail size and create lists of desired file formats for different projects. The site also provides a round-the-clock technical support service for the search interface.
Other paid ones:

Nesp, 2010-10-05

Something like www.3dexport.com/

Kir Shatrov, 2010-10-05

Or rutracker.org/

MSwind, 2010-10-05

3ddd.ru/ for every taste, color and ... for a fee and for free.

steven, 2010-10-06

look VKontakte ... a lot of different groups.

hach, 2015-01-28

models for cnc 300r.

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