Kyoto_An2017-12-28 08:52:19
Kyoto_An, 2017-12-28 08:52:19

3D modeling in GameDev. What do you need to know?

Started learning 3D modeling (Blender for now). I would like to model in gamedev, but I have no idea where to go. That is, what to learn, what to focus on, and is there an approximate plan for developing as a 3d modeler in gamedev?

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Nikita Tikhomirov, 2017-12-28

If we consider specifically hard-surface modeling, and not a " generalist " specialty (and this is, in addition to modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, rigging, etc., this all varies greatly in this position from company to company), then in for the most part, low-poly modeling programs (Extremely economical use of polygons so that game engines can pull without brakes) are the same as what CGI (renders and videos) do, where most of them are high-poly (economical polygons are not so important detail is important). That is, these are the same Blender / Maya / Max, etc.
If considered as a "3d" direction in general (All specializations), then in order to be able to have a completely completed work, then you should study texturing, for example, in Substance Painter or in Quixel , as well as a little post-processing at a basic level in PS, purely to your portfolio looked good. (Well, UV unwrapping at a good level in blender)
Then look at the specializations, what are you interested in ( hard-surface 3d artist , generalist , texture artist , character artist (this is basically sculpting ), light artist (this is closer to engines or render directions) and render artistalso appears in gamedev, more technical tech artist , rigging artist , animator , etc.) Go to the streams of professional artists, see what they use. A cloud of programs, a bunch of directions.

TON14, 2018-01-10

Move towards a good portfolio! =)
For starters DO NOT model complex things!
No tanks, gothic castles and space marines.
It won’t work, sadness will roll in and you will forget about modeling.
Model simple things. Furniture, household appliances.. It is simple and familiar to everyone.
You can search for simple works on sketchfab.com or artstation.com and repeat them...
Go through the entire pipeline with the model
3D editor - texturing - import into the game engine - lighting in the engine
Watch this
to kdicast. com

Dmitry Kuznetsov, 2017-12-28

I would like to model in gamedev, but I have no idea where to go.

Learn the required software (in your case Blender). Next, you need to decide what exactly you need to model. When you understand what to do - see how someone does it, learn. As soon as you can do at least something to model - develop. You will also need to learn other programs, such as Photoshop.
Etc. The main thing is not to stand still and develop all the time.
PS: In principle, there is no difference between creating models for game development or something else. Yes, there are still some nuances, but that's another story.

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