Alexander Ampleev2010-11-03 08:09:52
Alexander Ampleev, 2010-11-03 08:09:52

3d in as 3

Share the best materials on the development of three-dimensional interfaces on Actionscript 3, is it possible to use the z coordinate in the code, or is it necessary to use some kind of “3D engine” for this) thanks

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3ds, 2010-11-03

I advise you to watch as weekend Colin flour 2nd disc. There, at the end, he invites a dude from adobe and he talks about 3d for 1h13min. Yes Z can be used without engines. There are also local coordinate systems - the object and global, the object is relative. "peace". In general, I advise you to look, everything will become clear, there are examples. (only in English.)

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