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3D house design?

We want to decorate the house with euro clapboard. Recommend a program for 3D designing a house with a clear interface, with which you can calculate how much lining you need (including windows, doors, ceiling)! Also in the program it should be possible to indicate your input data (the area of ​​​​doors, windows, length, width, height of the room, the length of one beam of the lining and the area of ​​\u200b\u200bone package, the price of the material), and get the output data (the cost of the material, the number of packages, the necessary consumables )!!!
Many thanks in advance for your replies!!!

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KeysCG, 2019-10-06

Sketchup is also quite suitable and very easy to learn.
I myself recently considered how many tiles would be needed in the bathroom. I calculated the square, the quantity, and the pattern, and also visually looked how it would be :)

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