Neron2015-04-13 12:15:43
Neron, 2015-04-13 12:15:43

3d film: how to prepare a layout for printing?

Hello. There is such a miracle material - 3d film. I have no idea what it's like in real life. But you need to prepare a design for printing on it (in fact, just a photograph of some place). The printing house is limited to the answer "send the layout, we will prepare it ourselves" (translation: give us more money for the prepress).
Does anyone have any information? I don’t know which side to approach, I didn’t find anything on the Internet either.

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SHVV, 2015-04-13
Lordov @Nekto_Habr

I suspect that they mean lenticular lenses to create an auto-stereo effect, something like old calendar cards with two pictures.
But to create a layout, you will need to know at least the step of such an array. Then everything is simple - even columns - a picture for one eye, odd - for the other. Which for the right and which for the left depends on how the film is glued.

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