Ambulant2021-03-12 14:30:33
Ambulant, 2021-03-12 14:30:33

3D configurator, 5000+ elements. Maybe?

Is it possible to create a 3D configurator that assembles a product from more than 5000 components? In reality, no more than 40-50 will be displayed at the same time in the assembly. Most of the models are already in obj. There are several conditions:
- Components are selected from drop-down lists on the page field, 3d configurator - only for visualization (zoom in, zoom in, rotate).
- The compatibility of components with each other is implemented by a certain algorithm on the site. It is impossible to collect anything from anything.
- 3d models should not be on a third-party server.

As it is seen: each element has reference anchors so that the next one adjoins exactly to these points. When you select a component from a group of the same, it is loaded into the configurator window and placed in a place predefined for this group by bindings.

Is that possible? What solutions can make this possible?

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Anton Shamanov, 2021-03-12

just convert groups of objects to "primitives" (like an image or svg outlines of an object) and store/display them from the cache, then there won't be so many details. the problem is not how many products you have, but how many of them can be displayed at the same time. about docking - you set fields like type="10" compatible-types="1,2;4" in svg objects, compatible types separated by commas and separated by semicolons by nodes / joints. in my example, for part 2 of the node / joint, parts of type 1.2 are suitable for the first, and type 4 for the second

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