P4tRicK2019-11-09 11:34:57
P4tRicK, 2019-11-09 11:34:57

3D coat vs ZBrush for character sculpting?

Heard a lot about 3D Coat. that it is good for sculpting characters, that it does not require additional programs, such as 3D Max for repotology, scanning.
What are the advantages/disadvantages of 3D Coat over ZBRush.

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lessomoroff, 2020-02-11

Subjectively, what touched me to the core and what was the first thing I remembered:
Pros of Z:
* In Zbrush, there are stupidly more functions for sculpting. All sorts of polygroups, arraymesh, nanomesh, macros
* Artistic render out of the box: the raw version of the object initially looks cooler than after export->import to other viewing software
Pros of Coat:
* In voxel mode (the one by default) supports the GPU (Zbrush will punish the time it takes to apply a change to a high-poly model (the more high-poly it is, the more suffering you get)) - Coat is more cheerful, but you need a good video. If that Zbrush CPU - based
*Working with layers is better done in Coat (inheritance, nesting principle). In Zbursh, you cannot create a hierarchy of layers, so that you can then transform an arbitrary part of it - this is unbearable.
* Cheaper for the CIS.
Well, the minuses of one of the packages s-but follow from the pluses of the other

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