notalonelobzik2020-04-09 13:38:43
notalonelobzik, 2020-04-09 13:38:43

3COM / HP 1910 and MS NPS radius how to make friends?

There are a bunch of 1910s that allow themselves to SSH through a local account (the default domain).

When switching to the AAA radius domain, the following happens:

a request arrives at NPS, the policy processes and sends a response with the status "ok".

But, the switch, nevertheless, does not pass on itself. in debugs writes the following:
*Apr 3 14:17:37:142 2020 RU-xxxxxx-SW RDS/7/DEBUG: Reject, Message=[Admin user's login type mismatches the radius server assigned !]

On NPS in login type policy settings does not provide a choice of SSH. I found a solution in the open spaces , but after doing some manipulations in the drop-down list, the necessary one did not appear.

Please share if anyone has any idea

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