Mikhail Shevtsov2011-04-22 21:39:09
Mikhail Shevtsov, 2011-04-22 21:39:09

32-bit processes in Windows 7 are immediately suspended after starting. What is the problem?

Hello, friends!
A very strange problem has arisen. Its essence is as follows. I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installed. Two weeks ago, there was a problem with running 32-bit applications. I remember that at that time updates of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2010 Redistributable packages (x86 and x64) came. At first I noticed that CCleaner does not start (I use it to clean temporary files). Its process shows up in the Task Manager with a private working memory set of 100-104 KB and nothing happens. I can’t remove the dump from the process, because Task Manager throws an error: "The operation could not be completed. The ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was only partially completed." I tried to run other programs - the same. Moreover, 64-bit programs run without problems. System programs also run, even 32-bit ones - IE, WMP.
I noticed that sometimes after rebooting CCleaner starts only once, the second launch no longer occurs and the scenario described above is repeated. And sometimes it doesn't start right away. Similarly, with all other 32-bit third-party programs.
At the same time, Explorer.exe also periodically crashes when, judging by the error reports, it loads a 32-bit module, an antivirus, for example (Avira Premium). Internet Explorer 9 also crashed a couple of times due to loading a 32-bit module.
Also, several times the system did not boot correctly at all. A black screen appeared and I was able to call the Task Manager, which showed a minimum of processes in the system. Judging by the reports, the problem was that most of the services did not start ("Timeout exceeded").
The problem periodically disappears after a reboot, and then comes back again.
Literally today, using Process Explorer and Resource Monitor, I found out that the running process simply stops almost immediately. Resource Monitor displays its status as "Suspended" and Process Explorer as "Suspend" (which is the same). Resuming (Resume) the process continues its work as if nothing had happened.
Actually conclusions:
1) The problem with launching only 32-bit applications - they cannot even be initialized normally;
2) The problem with launching only 32-bit third-party applications, because the system ones seem to work, although there are not so many of them in the 32-bit version (although the services did not start several times, so it’s not a fact that this is the case);
3) There may be a problem with Visual C++ Redistributable, but there is no actual evidence;
4) Perhaps the problem is in the WOW64 subsystem, but again there is no confirmation.
5) The fact that processes are suspended immediately after starting. Why is unknown.
6) Found a similar problem that a guy had at the same time as me: link . Coincidence? PS It alerted me that he also has Avira. But on the laptop, I have no problems with it. And how will she do it? Even in the premium version, the functionality is basic for antivirus, not like KIS.
So what's the problem? Who has experienced this? How to decide? Where to dig? Of course, you can reinstall, but I would like to find the root of the problem.
PS It has been suggested on TechNet that CCleaner is to blame. But I clean the registry for them manually and rarely. Didn't remove the extra.
PPS Found more brothers in misfortune: here and here . There is no solution anywhere except to reinstall.

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Mikhail Shevtsov, 2011-05-19

I'm not sure exactly, but registering absolutely all DLLs in the system32 and SysWOW64 folders probably helped. Registration was carried out using a BAT script. Outputted a list of all libraries to a text file (dir *.dll /s /b C:\Windows\System32 > C:\Reg.txt). Then I replaced all "C:\" with "regsvr32 /s C:\". Renamed txt file to bat and ran as administrator.

DarkRIP, 2011-04-23

When I started reading, my first thought was in the direction of the antivirus, which, when the process starts, suspends it until the scan is performed, and then forgets to suspend it, try to demolish the antivirus.

ComodoHacker, 2011-04-23

Have you looked at the call stack in Process Explorer?
Have you tried uninstalling the antivirus? Does it have x64 compatibility?
The probable reason is that one of the latest updates broke compatibility with someone, with the same Avira for example. It often happens when applications use an undocumented API. Look at updates and try to roll back to acc. restore point.

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