Dm4k2012-11-08 12:11:40
Active Directory
Dm4k, 2012-11-08 12:11:40

32/64-bit drivers for print service from exe?

Having replaced the printer in the office, there was a desire to deploy it to needy employees using gpo.
I added the necessary role to the domain controller, installed the printer, but I ran into this problem:
Some computers have a 32-bit system, and some 64, the printer has a duplex module (two-sided printing), the original manufacturer's driver (HP) is distributed in exe - with all the necessary components , but at the same time, naturally, the system (DC) picks up the driver of the appropriate bit depth.
When I try to add a driver in the print service, the wizard waits for an *.inf file, which I can only slip a standard or universal print driver into (respectively, without support for automatic two-sided printing)
Has anyone faced this? How to add a driver for both types of OS (32/64) to the print server?

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Zoom_spb, 2012-11-08

Winrar extract the drivers from the installer

Dm4k, 2012-11-08

Yes, in the case of HP drivers, the answer lay on the surface! Thank you!
If there are any methods of interaction with the "print service" - it will come in handy for information.
But in a specific case - a solution was found;)

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