Boris Manzhela2013-12-20 15:24:49
Boris Manzhela, 2013-12-20 15:24:49

301 redirect: how to move a site from engine to engine correctly and correctly for SEO?

Current: Simpla CMS 1.4
Will be: ImageCMS Shop Pro
Current url structure:
Categories - /catalog/{name} (all categories at 1st level)
Brands - /brands/{name}
Products - /products/{name}
Photos - /files/ products/{name}
The one that is offered:
Categories - /shop/category/{name} (for subcategories /shop/category/{name}/{name}/{name})
Brands - /shop/brand/{name}
Products - /shop/product/{name}
Photos - /uploads/shop/products/main/{name}
What to do:
- create a redirect file with each category, brand, product and photo link to new addresses?
- the same as the first, only change the type of urls to the first option (if it affects)
- something else
The task is to save visitors, positions and advertising campaigns as correctly as possible (until we rewrite all ads, reconfigure remarketing)
Thank you in advance!

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