MisTFoR2020-06-25 18:32:21
MisTFoR, 2020-06-25 18:32:21

30 positive and 7 negative reviews - is the performer normal?

I recently decided to take on the development of my site. Created a project, performers began to write. Found 1 with an adequate price and quite a good completed profile.
But I found 1 drawback - 30 positive and 7 negative reviews, is this normal? Or should you change your mind?

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Ilya S, 2020-06-25

Only you can decide, because the decision should be based on the big picture) there may be other factors: the specific content of the reviews, the availability of alternatives, the content of your task, etc.
To answer your specific question, 7 negative reviews is a lot. This means that a person regularly mows.
Judging by the Upwork exchange. Maybe other exchanges have their own peculiarities, then let others correct me.

Sanes, 2020-06-25

Campaign was taken for everything. More like a salesperson than a specialist.
But anything can be.

Konstantin B., 2020-06-25

Isn't his name Vladislav Shubin by any chance?)
To get 7 bad reviews, you need to crap so much, most likely at one time, because the chances of getting a job even with 1 bad review are already tending to zero. I think that he just pours into his ears well, takes an advance payment (which is also unlikely with such a profile) and goes into the sunset receiving another negative review to which he just wanted to put
Ps you need a site, please contact. No bad reviews

Puma Thailand, 2020-06-26

well, they taught mathematics at school,
they fail every fourth project, it’s okay for you or not, you decide

xmoonlight, 2020-06-27

I will support DevMan and Yaroslav Alexandrov , and add:
1. Read all negative and all positive reviews.
2. Look at the profiles of those who left negative ones.
3. Throw away all the negative WITHOUT specifics: emotional.
This way you can get a better understanding of the person's profile.

Dmitry Denisov, 2020-08-20

Personally, I would never choose with such a ratio. Obviously the person is screwing up. I always choose a contractor with a maximum of 2 negatives, but at the same time with 50-70 positives. Someone may be offended - But understand, resentment is childish. It's just that others get the money...

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