Pr1vetSpasibo2018-01-12 21:38:56
Pr1vetSpasibo, 2018-01-12 21:38:56

3 sticks of ram or 2?

Good day, please advise. I have 2 sticks of DDR3 SDRAM 2GB and 4GB at 1600 MHz (11-11-28).
What's better? Insert another bar into slot 3 for 4GB, for a total I will have 10 GB. And will it work? (3 bars)
Or is it better to pull out the bar for 2GB, and insert it into 4GB instead, the total will be 8GB. (2 planks)
What is the best thing to do? Thanks for the answer.

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sim3x, 2018-01-12

It doesn't matter
Growth in the case of two-, three-channel memory 0-5%
Set so that the bars have the same timings and the frequency
of 8 or 10 also does not matter much

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