Max2016-05-08 14:42:36
Max, 2016-05-08 14:42:36

3 horns of death. Can anyone come across?

Greetings dear users.
I have a macbook air, mid 2012 i5 , 4 gb ram.
I put music on and went to the shower, when the screen returned it was already frozen, after restarting ""
a black screen and 3 nasty beeps, a pause and 3 beeps again .... and so on ad infinitum.
I rummaged through the entire Internet, I realized that there was a problem with the RAM, and since this model has it built-in, everything needs to be changed. I dismantled everything and put it back together, tried all the combos (comm + r + power) and so on ...
I ask those who saw something like that to help with advice.
Thanks to all. I look forward to your experience.
PS I'm writing from my phone, sorry for any mistakes.

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Max, 2016-05-08

Since the motherboard costs 200 ue, I don’t see the point, I’m thinking of selling it for spare parts and buying another one, but I desperately hope for a miracle)

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