n4ela2016-03-24 23:08:13
Game development
n4ela, 2016-03-24 23:08:13

2d or 3d for a card game?

For several months I have been writing my card game, all game elements (cards, decks, table) are implemented through a standard gui, card animations are implemented simply by shifting along the x / y axis. Those. everything is flat now.
Now I want to add prettiness and volume, for example, so that when you click on the card, it would approach the player, or, for example, when you drag the card, the card would tilt left / right.
I would like to get something like:
Question: by what means can this be achieved, does it make sense to rewrite everything in 3d space?

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xmoonlight, 2016-03-24

So far, it doesn't.
All described transformations can be done through plane distortion formulas.

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