Teemon2015-09-23 18:47:42
Teemon, 2015-09-23 18:47:42

2D animation program with video background?

Hello. I would like to find a program in which you can create skeletal 2d animation. At the same time, on the back "layer" it would be possible to place a video in which, for example, the character does actions (runs, etc.) and then it would be possible to create animation, so to speak, motion-capture, attaching to frames))
Where- I met similar.

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Alexey Segodin, 2015-10-18

So far, I know only one such program: Adobe Flash .
Specifically, the skeleton is created using the Bone Tool:
There was information that this tool was removed in some version of Flash, but it is present in Adobe Flash CC 2015.

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