mystique_man2019-05-16 09:02:57
mystique_man, 2019-05-16 09:02:57

2500 marks on the online map accessible to everyone. How and where can this be done?

Good day everyone.
There is a need to build one "registry" with marks on the map. About 2500 tags, with the ability to give access to view to everyone.
At the moment, this is done in Yandex.maps. With so many tags, this is an extremely slow and uninformative service. To find a specific address through the search, you need to spend 3-4 minutes until everything is loaded. Complete horror.
As I understand it, this can be done in openstreemap. But I don't know how and I can't find any information.
Main criteria:
1. Online viewing access for everyone
2. Possibility of bulk loading of labels (such as importing an excel file with coordinates and names for them).

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Moskus, 2019-05-16

There is no service with a "constructor" that would allow generating a page with a map that would display the contents of the database without programming, with the ability to import into the database and search through it, and with clustering of markers on the map - does not exist.
There are services with a part of the described functionality - Mapbox Studio, Nextgis Web (data import, data visualization), but not with everything.
In order to get all the functionality, you have to program.
OpenStreetMap has almost nothing to do with your question - this project is a cartographic database of the whole world (a map that is made on the basis of this database can be used as a background for your visualization, this is where the connection ends).
To facilitate the implementation of what you are looking for, you can use, for example, GeoExt frameworks, Leaflet.js
As a base - SpatiaLite (SQLite with spatial extensions).
Just in case: counter questions "why are there no such services" and "where to find programmers who will help", I do not need to ask. No - because no, look for programmers - on freelance exchanges.

pfg21, 2019-05-16

and google in any way??
Leaflet as a wrapper for Yandex.Maps - display 100 thousand markers on the map

sinneren, 2019-05-16

It slows down not because Yandex, but because you have implemented it this way.
Yandex has 3 methods of how to do everything in an optimized way and not load all 2500-999999999 tags at once, RTFM

katrine713, 2019-07-03

Here is information about the new service https://medium.com/everpoint/invite-tested...
The launch is scheduled for September, but for now, you can participate in UX testing and get access as early as July.
The service is simple, in the first version there will be only basic functions, but the task of importing data (up to 20,000 objects in one file), arranging them on the map and sharing the map via a link can be solved using it.

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