elman4342020-05-28 18:11:23
elman434, 2020-05-28 18:11:23

24v AC power supply?

Hello, there is a valve for 2 inches 24V AC, the question is where to find a 24V AC power supply? or what can happen if, for example, I connect the normal power supply

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Viktor, 2020-05-28

or what can happen if, for example, I connect the normal power supply
In no case do not try to power something that is designed for alternating current from direct current! It will burn instantly! The reason is that the resistance of the windings for AC power is several times less than for equal DC power (why this is so is a separate question).
To illustrate this fact, I’ll take what was at hand - two RP21 relays for 24 volts, on one the ~ icon, on the other =. The first has a winding resistance of 75 ohms, the second has 300 ohms. And if you turn on the first instead of the second, the current through the winding will go 4 times more. But both are 24 volts.
So get the right iron 50 hertz transformer.

Stalker_RED, 2020-05-28

buy a voltage transformer 220/24 You
can also pick it out of some household appliances. Take a multimeter and measure everything.
In many DC power supplies, it will be enough to remove the rectifier and capacitors.

Alexey, 2020-05-28

the question is where to find a 24v AC power supply?

The search engine gave the second link to the store with delivery

Dmitry Pavlov, 2020-05-29


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