2017-07-18 22:49:10
, 2017-07-18 22:49:10

21:9 For the designer and Web Developer?

I decided to think about buying a monitor with a resolution of 21:9 (2560x1080). but the question arose about how this will affect the work in Photoshop and writing sites. I watched a bunch of videos and read a mountain of information about this resolution, but opinions differ.
The question actually is:
- Is it better to work with graphics in 21:9 resolution compared to 16:9?
- What are the "+" and "-" in the development of Web Sites when working with this resolution?

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dom1n1k, 2017-07-18

In my opinion, 21:9 tank slits have an advantage only when working with specific, very wide data. Large tables, charts - something like stock quotes, Gantt charts and the like.
For web design - crap.
PS Here's a very good example in the next answer - audio / video editors with their editing tracks. In a word, if the content tends to be wide.

Vladimir Zhosan, 2017-07-18

I advise very much! If you often have to make up, then you can make up live when there is a page in one part of the screen and the editor in another. I personally want to buy and read and looked at a lot of reviews, everyone only responds positively.

Sanes, 2017-07-18

It will probably be convenient as a second monitor deployed vertically.

AntHTML, 2017-07-19

This is all for an amateur, whoever likes it more and who is used to what.
For example, I like more than 2 FHD monitors, one in portrait, the second in landscape, for each there are tasks according to orientation and this is more convenient, and sometimes it is convenient to swap these tasks.
My brother took 4K for webdis, it’s more convenient for him to expand two windows at 1920x2160, he says - that’s it - and the whole page is visible (twist 2 times less) and at the same time it fits a lot of code, minus - you need a productive video, because of which I had to change the vayo to a stub .
For me, the 21:9 niche is audio / video editors, extra-wide tables, mnemonic diagrams, etc.

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