dmitryvakarev2016-10-13 10:51:32
dmitryvakarev, 2016-10-13 10:51:32

2016, is there any point in learning ExtJs?

Good afternoon,
I'm a front-end developer, they offer a job, they took ExtJs as a basis, and then they wrote their own platform / framework. The company is large, writes software for banks. My knowledge of ExtJs is quite poor, two feelings are fighting in me to get a job in this company or look for a company that prefers (transitions) new technologies (angular, react). It is clear that now there are proposals for working with ExtJs, but how will things be in 5-7 years, I think everything will be sad?

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dmitryvakarev, 2016-10-13

thanks for the links) apparently everything is obvious ..)
judging by the first link, ExtJs is actively used in Cuba) I’m going there)))

Evgeny Svirsky, 2017-03-16

To be honest, I haven’t worked deeply with Angular yet, but what ExtJS does is magic. ExtJS reduces development time to a minimum and minimizes coding, which potentially reduces the creation of shitty code, as it always happens. Therefore, I think that ExtJS is a great option, naturally, where it is needed, where design customization and a bunch of grids, forms and everything else is not needed.

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