Alexey Skahin2013-08-03 14:26:42
Alexey Skahin, 2013-08-03 14:26:42

Another personal finance system

I have been writing a script for accounting for personal finances with statistics for a long time, etc.

Interested in the opinion: is it necessary for someone else besides me? Will anyone use or maybe wants to help in development?
Made another bike?

The main focus is on paranoids who do not want to store their data on the network.
Those. you need to download the script and deploy it on your hosting or locally. Subd local - sqlite.

Main features:
* Linear list with advanced search * Adding / editing * Analytical reports * Flexible permissions: multiple databases and multiple users for one database Code on github.com/pihel/cash Demo without rights Write: cash.skahin.ru/

, go under demo/demo

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edogs, 2013-08-03

Manual entry is extremely annoying.
There is absolutely no joy in raking X checks every day, in which positions can also belong to X different categories.
Services raking money for unloading from IB are better, but nothing more than second-fresh fish, again, because of megastores of all sorts and different categories of goods in one check.
Epic wines will be at a service that can automatically rake up pictures of different receipts.
Purchased, photographed - everything.
Everything else is not just a bike, it's a bike that was not originally needed in FIG.

codecity, 2013-08-04

I have a similar question.
I used different programs, such as CashFly2, 1c.Money, various Web versions (homemoney.ua) and so on. Most are designed to answer the question: " and where did I waste my entire salary ." But the answer to this question is not really needed, since the salary has already been spent.
But the main question should be: " what can I afford now/when I can afford it ". Here, perhaps, 1c.Money is most suitable for answering this question, but it is buggy and complicated.
Second. All programs force a person to engage in foolishness: to pay all their expenses. But this is not necessary to answer the main question.
As a result, he developed a system for planningpersonal finance, on which I live for almost a year. I managed to buy a lot of useful things/cases (previously, money passed through my fingers in any amount). While I'm working in Excel, I'm gradually improving.
And now what? Make a program? There are already so many of these programs on the market, more than a hundred, probably. How to get clients interested? How to prove that this program is not like everyone else and that it will not only answer the question “where did you go?” but will change your life and help you fulfill all your financial dreams?

FedLab, 2013-08-03

I personally use family 11 pro software - paid. satisfies about 80%. with the remaining 20% ​​so far measured. Previously, I also thought of writing my own, but too much time would have to be spent to meet not very significant needs. I decided to look for something paid.
from what you see in your script:
- the idea is useful, I have been looking for an option for a long time on how to keep track of personal finances, Saas immediately ruled out, but I didn’t find suitable ones to deploy on my server, so if you develop the product well, it will be great. Regarding the edogs comment - you can make it not by the piece, but by groups, for example, I have groups - “food”, “taxes”, etc. detailing for each product is not always necessary, and for those who really need it, they will spend several minutes a day for accounting (I spend more on viewing statistics and analysis than on entering data - 10-20 minutes a day maximum).
- it would not hurt to make a “budget” in the script so that you can plan income and expenses (I use this - very useful for self-control)
- statistics - cash flow, so that you can see how much went into "savings" in which month, or in other words - net profit. (you saw a chart with a “balance” there, but this is a little different. The cash flow is not accumulated, that is, every month it is “flow” \u003d “income” - “costs”). But balance is essential. Contemplating the cash flow motivates you to either spend less or work more :-)
- creating a monthly report for printing - a circular diagram and a table of income / expenses at the bottom (for me this makes it easier to analyze - it’s easier to perceive from paper and you can make some marks “for myself”)
I don’t know if you have in the script (in the course of writing it came to mind) - grouping accounts (categories) - that is, “cash” - this is a wallet, and a stash, and “under the mattress” ... Bank transfer - a bank card A, bank card B.

Petrusha Ukropov, 2013-08-03

Is the system ready yet? What license?
I thought to write myself for local use, but here it is already ready)

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