DoubleWish2016-12-17 11:34:42
DoubleWish, 2016-12-17 11:34:42

2016 Are ajax sites indexed (On the example of meduza.io)?


I’m reading and I can’t understand if links are indexed on jellyfish if it works on react and the page does not reload.

There are no hashes as mentioned here ( https://yandex.ru/support/webmaster/robot-workings... ).

I haven't been able to find any clear information on this anywhere.
Thanks in advance.

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Alexander Aksentiev, 2016-12-17

view-source: https://meduza.io/news/2016/12/17/aleksandr-povetk...
all are available via direct links, there is no smell of Ajax for PS here.
In general, everything that is executed in JS is indexed. In google for sure.

Fedor, 2016-12-21

Everything is perfectly indexed in both Google and Yandex. Read the manuals carefully. There are literally step-by-step instructions for Ajax on the sites.

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