iioann2018-05-15 22:55:57
iioann, 2018-05-15 22:55:57

2012 pc upgrade for 15k?

Mother: GA-H61M-S1
Processor: Intel Pentium g860 3000 MHz
Cooler: deep cool boxed
Video card: was a palit gt 440, recently died
Memory: 2 GB ddr3-1333 SDRAM (Kingmax Semiconductor)
4 GB ddr3-1333 SDRAM (Kingston )
bp: INWIN Power Rebel 400w wd
; wd for 500 gigs
What to sell, what to buy, what to replace? for 15k

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Andrey, 2018-05-16

Photoshop, games: I would like to play new items, but it is unlikely to succeed.

with this money you can't even buy half a video card for new games =) Not to mention the whole computer already =)
Forget it. Don't throw money away. There's nothing to upgrade here. You can pull out Photoshop, but not as much as you would like =)
But for games, what they advise you right now is i5 2x i7, the initial all this bottom of 2016. And even for fullhd games, the bare minimum is gtx 1070, which costs from 36K.

Nikita Dergachov, 2018-05-15

Put here such a percent. ssd any 120 gb. Buy RAM for change

b00taNik, 2018-05-16

i5 2500 (it costs about 4k on aliexpress)
Sell 2 GB of memory, buy 4 (to have 8) - about 1000
Video card - gtx 670 or 770, as an option (from amd) - 7970, 280, 280x, 7950 - up to 10 thousand rubles .
This config is quite enough to run top-end games at the moment (on fullHD) at medium settings, and old or undemanding games at maximum

Pavlo Ponomarenko, 2018-05-16

I do not quite understand why everyone is advised to change the percentage in the first place, given your situation with the vidyakha.
Personally, I would buy a GeForce 1050 TI, add RAM according to the budget. At least add 4 more. With this configuration, you can run most modern games at low and sometimes medium settings.
And then to raise money and buy a normal computer.
By the way, Play Station 4 is not a solution? She, it seems, just fits into the budget and all the new items will work there)

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