2duos22014-11-02 00:44:35
2duos2, 2014-11-02 00:44:35

2 video cards or one?

I read that 2 cards are better than one for the same amount ..
There was a question about the tire.
If we take two identical cards with a 256-bit bus, then the total throughput will be 512?
And the question itself is better to take 1 card with a 512-bit bus or 2 cards of 256 each?
+ to 2 cards: more
more memory.
- will eat more.
+ to the 1st card.
takes up less space.
eats less.
perhaps more productive than 2e.
Honestly, I xs, if it sums up, then I wrote everything correctly .. So memory is not so important. The main bus, everything else is 2nd in importance.
Can you put 2 different ones?
For example, one will store, and the second will process .. or is the 1st option better?

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Vladimir, 2014-11-02

It all depends on the games. Some games don't use sli or crossfire well. Read on the forums of the games you are interested in which configuration suits them best.

Ranwise, 2014-11-03

  • increase in games from the 2nd video card is about 20-50% maximum
  • you can use a 2nd video card plug to calculate physics in games, you don’t need a cool one there
  • if you are for professional tasks, then you need a special video card

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