Alexander Pupkin2015-10-21 15:59:50
Alexander Pupkin, 2015-10-21 15:59:50

2 users, different rights. What's the best approach?

Guys, tell me the best way to do it:
There is a netbook, it has Windows 7.
There is Mom - admin rights.
There is a son - the rights are:
1. Access only! to 1 site;
2. Prohibition to install any programs;
3. If possible, a ban on downloading different types of files
Thank you. I look forward to your help.

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Zelimkhan Beltoev, 2015-10-21

1. Access only! to 1 site;
At the antivirus level, you can (almost all have parental controls and a built-in firewall)
2. Prohibition to install any programs;
It is in the rights of the account to set the restriction
3. If possible, a ban on downloading different types of files
This can also be organized at the antivirus level. At least the same kaspersky and nod32 can do this

Eugene, 2015-10-21

To be honest, I never set it up, but for such purposes, Microsoft came up with parental control (family safety)
setting up parental control
instructions for setting up a web filter (deny visiting ...
I hope it helps you.
PS noticed that when you click on links the MS site always shows the version for the latest Windows 10 available.You may have to select windows 7 on every page to view information that is appropriate for your OS.

Saiputdin Omarov, 2015-10-21

As a father of two boys. solved with kis + parental controls. Weekly reports come in the mail from MS. win7,8.1,10.

Ivanq, 2015-10-21

How to create Mom, clearly.
1, 2. Control Panel -> Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts -> Manage another account -> Son -> Set up family safety
3. Without software, nothing

athacker, 2015-10-22

The ban on installing any programs is achieved by an account with the type "Regular account", or something like that. Those. NOT an administrator. True, this will not prohibit the use of programs that do not require installation. Although these are, as a rule, small programs, such as audio-video players, and so on.

Alexander Pupkin, 2015-10-22

Thanks to all. I picked it up, kis and parental control helped)

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