Denis Ka2011-09-18 23:29:16
Google Chrome
Denis Ka, 2011-09-18 23:29:16

2 stupid questions about google chrome

1. Is it possible to put it not on the C drive without using the portable version?
2. Can tabs be displayed on the side?

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fastpars, 2011-09-19

1. It may be possible for the business version of "MSI"
2. It is possible. In the address bar: about:flags, Side tabs - Enable.

The "Use side tabs" command is added to the context menu of the bookmarks bar. With its help, you can switch between two modes of displaying tabs: at the top of the screen (default) and on the side. Side tabs are useful when working on widescreen monitors.

Aidos, 2011-09-19

1. If you edit the msi file, then you can and can.
2. Type about: flags in the address and you will see this option there

Smolka, 2011-09-19

1. formally - no, because during the installation process, there is no option to select the installation location.
PS And why do you need it?
2. As far as I know, no.

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