Eugene2017-08-18 10:45:34
Eugene, 2017-08-18 10:45:34

2 sites on the same NGINX port?

Hello! There is a domain www.exemple.ru and two sites. One works on port 80, the other on 8080. I need a page from the site on port 8080 (www.exemple.ru:8080/one/two/) to open on www.exemple.ru/one/two/. Rummaged in the NGINX settings, everything turned out, but there was one problem. On this page (www.exemple.ru:8080/one/two/) there is a file download. AJAX sends a post request to www.exemple.ru:8080/download/ this route collects files into an archive and gives the client, when AJAX receives the file it redirects to the www.exemple.ru:8080/one/fileName.zip route. Here NGINX can not configure what would happen download. Please tell me how this can be done?

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