Alex Teterin2016-02-14 09:22:35
Alex Teterin, 2016-02-14 09:22:35

2 servers, 1 IP. Ubuntu how?

There are two Mysql Load Balancers that work on the internal network and distribute connections across all cluster database machines. They are exactly the same, two pieces for a reserve, if one falls out.
How can I make them supposedly have one ipshnik?
Well, that is, in applications, so that I specify one MySQL IP address, but behind it there are two MySQL Load Balancers.
Ideally, there should also be a round robin so that the load on the Balancers is evenly distributed.

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mikes, 2016-02-14

I think it will suit you

res2001, 2016-02-14

Maybe not an IP, but a domain name will do?
Then you just set 2 different IPs for one name in the DNS server and get a free DNS-based robin round - each name request will return another IP and so on in a circle.

Vlad Zhivotnev, 2016-02-14

Given the way you pose the question - round robin does not.
And so - heartbeat was invented for this.

Victor Taran, 2016-02-26

Option 1, you do not need to specify 1 ip to raise the normal balancer of the sequel
2. you do not need to specify 1 ip, you need to specify 1 domain name, you can even register it on localhosts.
3. you do not need to specify1 ip because you can give two ns servers and if the first one does not answer, then the second one will answer in this case, if one machine fails on which and this ns server costs, your IP will change.
4. You do not know how to raise the balancer, go to phpmyadmin and dig, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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