Jun Enzo2015-12-25 07:19:17
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Jun Enzo, 2015-12-25 07:19:17

2 Seagate HDDs failed. Who can help with advice?

Hello everyone.
Trouble 1
Some time ago, the OS just hangs during operation, then after the reboot, the screw has not been determined.
Seagate Desktop SSHD 1000Gb ST1000DX001 FW:CC43 S/n Z1D884KK
Worked for just over 3 months. When detaching-attaching, it is detected in the BIOS, then it hangs on loading the OS, and that's it - then it is no longer detected when rebooting. Warranty returns are not eligible. Too far to carry.
At the office Unfortunately, there are no firmwares for this model of the screw on the site. Where to get - I do not know. Do they even exist in nature?
Trouble 2
Seagate Barracuda 250Gb ST250DM000 FW:KC48 S/n 9VYM32VB
Stopped working - detected. Also firmware-updates at the office. site is not.
From my own considerations, only one thing remains - to buy or solder ttl rs232, connect the screws and try to revive them through PuTTY.
I would be grateful for any considerations and thoughts on resolving this situation.

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Rustam Kalimullin, 2015-12-25

There are a few fundamental rules when it comes to repairing hard drives.
1. Hard drives are not repaired (an exception is a breakdown of power protection, and other "external causes").
2. If you need information, read it, and get rid of the disks themselves (p. 1).

Newsonya, 2015-12-31

N-yes, the people's faith in flashing is great!
Return the first screw under warranty. Far away - by mail. At home, you can only break.
The second one can still be tweaked. Cling to the string, set the speed to 9600 or 38400 and see the output of the log. Once you've identified the model, you can choose what to do next. The principle of the solution is basically the same: using the ST_MEM free program, the service is merged, then the N2 test is launched, after successful completion, the service is poured back. Read on rubord . I warn you right away, the N2 test erases all information. If you need data, take the screw to the datarecovery center, only the price of such a recovery is much more than the price of a new disk.

Andrey Shishkin, 2016-01-11

Disassemble the disks, pick out neodymium magnets for entertainment, and hang the disks on the wall for beauty.

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