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2 providers and Mikrotik?

Good afternoon. I need advice.
There is the following situation: we have a city network at speeds of 100Mbps and without any limit, access to the "external" network mainly through vpn (or ipip\gre tunnels). But. Recently, the TTK has begun to actively seep into the city, but it provides access only through a physical connection.
Now the home network is driven through a mini-itx server with ubuntu on board. The built-in network card looks to the "city", the discrete "inside". If you connect a TTC, then you will need to find and connect another network one, and this is already unrealistic (I somehow don’t consider usb options).
Therefore, I am inclined to the option of putting something in the “head” of the network, after long views, d-link dir-320 \ asus wl500gp options with alternative firmware came to light, but the capacities of these routers will not be enough for constant 100Mbps + internal network on gigabit. There were planet \ tp-link options, but all this somehow does not lie.
So far I have settled on a microtic rb 750 \ 750g, so I want advice from those who really used them. Will the purchase of the g version with gigabit be justified (in principle, there are 3 computers at home, a laptop, constantly hooked up with a cable, all this is on a des-1008d long cable)? How much can you really get out of it? Ultimately, if the difference of 1k rubles is not justified, then you can take 750g only as an aggregator of 2 providers, and leave the network taxiing on the server.

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Igozzzz, 2010-10-04

RB450G is at home (the choice fell after the deceased wl500w)
1 port local network around the city gigabit
2 port Internet via adsl
3 port DLNA
4 port wi-fi
5 port to the gigabit hub where the main computer, TV and 2 nettops are connected, the
TV is calm and reads hd movies without braking . included for the test a hd movie with DLNA on the TV, on a computer a couple of torrent downloads from the local network, and on nettops a jump from DLNA. I got a little perverted and made my own subnet for each port. plus mikrotik keeps pppoe connection. The processor was loaded maximum at 40 percent. with such loading
there is also asus ASUS RT-N16 also has gigabit. But I bought a Mikrotik anyway.

Hayden, 2011-10-12

If it's still relevant, then I highly recommend 750G, it works smartly, gigabit ports and VERY flexible settings.
I did a failover on two providers, everything is quite simple, even if there is some kind of adsl modem in front of the router.
The only thing is that I would like wifi built-in, but there are no gigabit models with wifi yet :(

fso, 2011-10-13

Tomsk. Tomtel and TTK. It costs rb750 (without G) no complaints, CPU usage rarely reaches 70%. On a PC network, a laptop and a netbook + from work sometimes I cling to the same mikrotik via vpn and the remote office is still connected all the time (two mikrotik bridges). In general, more than satisfied. I did not have to try the G-version, I can not compare.
By the way, I can give away an extra Mikrotik at cost, new, in a package with a piece of paper - I took it here mikc.ru/product.php?id_catalog=2&id_position=193

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