Sality2020-12-01 11:05:29
Sality, 2020-12-01 11:05:29

2 options. How to choose a TV in the blind?

I understand almost nothing. Who understands, please help me choose a TV.
Given 2 almost identical (the main differences are diagonal and resolution) budget TVs for summer cottages:
1. 22 inches, FullHD resolution ( Asano 22LF1020T 21.5 " )
2. 32 inches, HD resolution ( Thomson T32RTE1250 32" )
Take a look at these options in the shops of my city impossible, they are not, only an order.
I like the second option more due to the diagonal, more powerful speakers and 100 Hz screen refresh rate, HDMI x2, but HD resolution confuses . How will the picture quality be affected?
Usage scenario: with the Ugoos X3 Plus Android box, where 720-1080p movies, YouTube and online TV from the provider (there are regular and HD channels) will be viewed, which is viewed in the Peers.TV android application. That's probably all. If I didn’t indicate something important, then I beg your pardon .. I don’t understand at all in modern TVs.

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rPman, 2020-12-01

It all depends on the content and the size of the room in which you will watch it. Another choice depends on how exactly you will watch - sitting and doing nothing or in the background, not looking at the screen.
If the room is small, and you will sit a couple of meters from the screen at most, then take 22 "and enjoy the high definition of the picture. If the room is large and the monitor is 3-5 meters away from you, then it is better to take 32" and higher, and the quality images by the way is not so important.
If your content is mostly HD, then thinking that FullHD will give you something beautiful is wrong, on the other hand, you never know if you want to connect a mouse with a keyboard and surf the Internet, i. you will have such an opportunity in principle, when, as with an HD TV, it is uncomfortable, although possible.

GavriKos, 2020-12-01

where 720-1080p movies will be viewed

Well, this is how it will affect - you can only view 720. 1080 is not there. That's all.

Alexander, 2020-12-01

For 32 inches, 768 is very small. I have 22 houses, so at 768 at a distance of a meter, pixels are clearly visible. On the other hand, you get up 2 meters and it's not so noticeable anymore. Why not go to the store and see analogues in resolution and size? You come, find 32/768 and look at how strongly the pixels are visible. But, offhand, I will say that TV will be a terrible horror. (reviews on the market can not be trusted)

randmaru, 2020-12-01

It all depends on how close you sit to the TV. I have a 32" HD TV hanging in my bedroom and it is quite comfortable for viewing at a distance of more than 2 meters. So if your conditions are similar, then take it, if not, then take Full HD.

Pixel Distance Calculator

Sality, 2020-12-01

Thank you all very much for your replies! Each answer is important and helped to make a choice.
Based on the comments, I decided to take 22 inches, because the distance will be small.

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