madcore2015-06-30 12:39:34
madcore, 2015-06-30 12:39:34

2 monitors together over a network?

Is it possible to connect two monitors without directly connecting the monitor cord to the PC, over the network as if they were connected to one PC.
I thought about "Remote access to computers" but as far as I understand there will not be such an effect, because you need to go to a separate window - and the workspace does not expand

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Denis Ineshin, 2015-06-30

This is hardly possible, the closest I've seen is connecting multiple Thunderbolt monitors to the same Mac one after the other in a chain.

Azazel PW, 2015-06-30

Look aside, "broadcasting an image from a computer to ..."
There will still be a slight delay on the second device.

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