B0nG2015-09-04 01:32:13
B0nG, 2015-09-04 01:32:13

2 monitors in 1 input?

Actually the question arose, how to connect 2 monitors to 1 output? The logical answer is "no way".
But somehow I accidentally noticed a thing on YouTube that connects to the hdmi output, and two monitors are inserted into it. Some kind of software is installed on the computer, which programmatically saws monitors. Then I did not attach any importance to this thing and ignored it, but now there is a need.

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Hitmanp, 2015-09-04

If the video card has DVI or VGA outputs in addition to HDMI, then you can organize 2 workstations for 1 PC. 2 monitors go in 1 pc. 1 monitor in HDMI, the other in vga or dvi. Programmatically everything is cut by ASTER or ASTER software. There is a know name tracker;)
Adapters from DVI to vga are sold from the Chinese.

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