Vladimir2016-03-24 15:04:22
Vladimir, 2016-03-24 15:04:22

2-level CNC in Bitrix?

Good afternoon, experts, there was such a problem, I decided localhost to implement a Russian-language CNC on the Bitrix CMS, the CNC
type is as follows:
1 click - localhost.loc / menu /
2 click - localhost.loc / section_1 /
3 click - localhost.loc / section_1 / item_1 /
I can’t figure out how to implement it, is it possible to go to the url of the infoblock section without going to the infoblock itself, and so on...

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Sergey, 2016-03-24

Yes, you can do it like this joxi.ru/EA4aK06SDqDPPr.jpg
I won't tell you about Cyrillic URLs.

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