Nikita Ershov2018-12-01 19:27:07
Nikita Ershov, 2018-12-01 19:27:07

2 ip pools in Mikrotik, how to do it?

Task. There are 70 pcs. You need to make sure that 35 PCs take ip on the subnet and 35 PCs on the subnet. Mikrotik with 2 network cards is used as a server. How to implement it?
In other words, to make it clearer what I want.
Maybe by setting dhcp to one dns, you can specify this dns PC so that it pulls the subnet ip pool from the dhcp with which this dns is connected.
If it is not clear, here is an example
of Dns
On the PC, you specify dns and you get ip from the pool
And the same with another
Dns 123. 123.123. 123
Dhcp Specify
dns on the PC and get ip from this pool.
Mikrotik is the server

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Softer, 2018-12-01

2 DHCP servers with 2 pools. First, we create pools in "IP->Pool", then - in "IP->DHCP Server" we create a server, and the pool and interface are also selected there.

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