YaronGreen2017-12-21 09:06:00
Computer networks
YaronGreen, 2017-12-21 09:06:00

2 computers with the same MAC address on the same network?

What happens if a second computer is connected to one switch with a MAC address identical to the first computer that is already connected.
1. How will the switch react?
2. How will NAC deal with it?
3, Has anyone tried this?
thanks for answers

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Valentin, 2017-12-21

I don’t know what NAC is, but there will be constant flapping in the switching table on the switch - one poppy address will jump from port to port (if the vlan is the same). There will be no connectivity between computers with the same poppies, however, from a third computer with a different MAC address, packets will randomly arrive first to one computer, then to another, and packets will leave in the opposite direction.
Such a situation (accident) is often encountered on the networks of broadband access operators in large L2 segments, but not in such a primitive case.

Saboteur, 2017-12-21

It is not necessary to do so.
The network will not be particularly affected in any way, especially if the router is more or less smart.
And so - the network will not work on both computers - the packets will go to one or the other, periodically breaking through, but I'm not sure that even one site will have time to open.
Also, most likely DHCP will try to issue the same IP address, which will cause an IP address conflict.

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