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2-3 times more pay for work, or high-quality projects and a team?

Hello, now at a crossroads. It is possible to get 2-3 times more with your experience by changing jobs. But in that company, development methods (code quality, use of modern frameworks) are 3 years behind my current company, and projects are less budgeted.
Will it be a good experience, and is it possible to come to a foreign monastery and start training employees in normal project management, the same use of OOP, and not a procedural canvas. Perhaps this will be a good point of growth, at least the experience of working with people and their training.
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Puma Thailand, 2019-12-15

It seems to me that an increase in salary from 100k to 300k eliminates all the disadvantages

xmoonlight, 2019-12-15

and start training employees on normal project management, the same use of OOP, not a procedural canvas.
Before getting into hell, you must understand that the widespread use of OOP is not always rational!
For example, can you tell me when it's better to NOT use OOP at all and why would it be better? I am sure that - no. And, if you fit in, and it turns out that they know more there, you will INSTANTLY turn into a traffic jam flying out of the office with a whistle.

Vasily Bannikov, 2019-12-15

> Will it be a good experience, and is it possible to come to someone else's monastery
Yes, except in cases where the leadership does not take such an initiative well.

index0h, 2019-12-15

Everything depends.
There must be a reason for being smeared with procedures. For example, there is a monolith 10+ years in development, in order to refactor this business, life may not be enough. I fully admit that ignorance may be the cause, but the probability of this is rather low.
Constructive learning can and should be done in any case. You can offer your charter to someone else's monastery only taking into account the requirements of the business and the development process. If your approaches really save the team’s time, the business will readily agree, but the team will need to conduct meditation sessions, which are far from always trivial.

Robur, 2019-12-16

Will it be a good experience

Maybe it will, and maybe it won't. You won’t know until you try, at best, someone who has already worked in this company can tell you this.
Some companies may, some may not. In this new one of yours - can you? Is this discussed at check-in?
it all depends on how many exactly these are 2-3 times. If a qualitative change in life is for you, then you can go no matter what and work there for six months or a year, and then you will decide.
If this does not affect anything in general, then find out and consider other aspects.

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