ImVeryStupid2019-08-21 16:58:33
ImVeryStupid, 2019-08-21 16:58:33

1s 7.7 non-standard DPI?

When installing on a new laptop, a problem was found with incorrect display of the interface 1s 7.70.204.
99.99% that it's a matter of a higher pixel density on the new laptop than 1s 7.7 is adapted
At the moment, everything somehow really comes down to the fact that only changing the monitor (laptop)
of the game with scaling and compatibility is nothing but artifacts, blur and small icons gave
The only hope is that there is special software or a plug-in that solves this issue.
Has anyone ever dealt with this sort of thing?
There is a solution ? (except for new 1s and other PCs)

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Dmitry Kinash, 2019-08-21

Put virtualbox with Windows XP, where to set up weak graphical characteristics?

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