AnnaShant2020-07-14 09:26:51
AnnaShant, 2020-07-14 09:26:51

1C Workflow - did the report on the performance discipline disappear from the sections (not displayed)? Who faced?

There are several versions of the Performance Discipline Report. The display of parameters was disabled in them. After turning on the display of parameters, the report disappeared from all departments. What was done: parameter display was enabled in all variants (not in the configurator). After turning it on in the configurator, it is still not displayed. Returning to the previous settings does not help, the report does not appear in the section. In this case, the report works and is displayed in favorites. Perhaps someone faced such an error?

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Konstantin, 2020-07-14

"Settings storage" is such a thing, it says what settings the user sees.
You can reset them for this report.

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