Victor Golovko2019-12-27 17:59:18
Victor Golovko, 2019-12-27 17:59:18

1C What is the difference between Product Features and Property Values ​​in offers.xml?

The task is to import from 1s to the site.
The offer object has a structure of the form (from the Bitrix documentation):

<Наименование>Б5677.61055 Заготовка двери (Бежевый)</Наименование>

But in our database it is done differently:
<Наименование>Блузка (1602 алексис/т.синий, 52)</Наименование>
      <Наименование>1 Цвет</Наименование>
      <Значение>1602 алексис/т.синий</Значение>

Those. properties are missing.
Q: What is the difference between characteristics and properties?
As I understand it, characteristics are needed to highlight a unique product, and properties for a filter.
On what data to do the filter (I assume that on properties)?

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LollyFox, 2019-12-28

The characteristics of goods in 1C are used if it is necessary to keep a quantitative record of goods in the context of some additional parameters.
In fact, the characteristic of a product is a set of those additional parameters that characterize a particular product . Moreover, for each product, its own set of parameters can be set, with the help of which its characteristics will be set.
A property is a common property across multiple products .
In the context of characteristics, unlike properties, quantitative accounting of goods is maintained. When selecting goods in documents, their balances are shown in the context of characteristics. When posting documents, control of balances is carried out in the context of the characteristics of goods.

Konstantin, 2019-12-28

I will add.
Characteristic is a reference book subordinate to the Nomenclature reference book.
Properties - Additional details that users can create, is an addition, decoding of the Characteristics directory.

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