DooX2019-04-01 04:44:07
DooX, 2019-04-01 04:44:07

1c trade management and online store?

Good afternoon! Question for knowledgeable people. There is 1s trade management. There is an offline store with a cash register. When buying and issuing a check in the 1c database, the amount of goods in the warehouse decreases. (I doubt if it can be configured this way).
The task is that we want to tie the online store only with the reservation of goods to 1s UT. The engine is not important. I care what. Suppose there are two bikes in the warehouse and in the 1s database, they bought a bicycle in an off-shop, which means minus 1. Is it possible to make 1s UT send data to the site immediately as soon as the quantity changes?
And is there any queue for data transfer in 1s ut ?? Let's say I'll splice several requests from the site and requests from an offline store. Tasks get queued or...??
Thanks for answers!

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Alexey Sipaev, 2019-04-01

You were rightly advised. Most 1s have a built-in exchange module with sites through exchange plans (they are needed to register changed data over time). The exchange setup can be run according to a schedule, for example, once every 5 or 10 minutes. Bitrix was mentioned. Yes, there is a real-time exchange (yes, conditionally in real time), it works to monitor new orders in IM.
The entire exchange is based on the formation of an xml file according to the standard commerceML2 scheme (cml2). Each scheme can be expanded and supplemented, but this will have to be done from two sides - both from the 1s side and from the site side, in order to parse this value and write it to the right place.

criminalist, 2019-04-01

You do synchronization of 1s and Bitrix, in the exchange module 1s ut, set up the mode in real time, and all balances will automatically change on the site

Denis Melnikov, 2019-04-01

If the engine is Bitrix, then regular exchange.
If something else and there are no synchronization modules, then we cast the following options

  1. HTTP service , with issuance of balances ( REST API )
  2. API on the site side. When selling (When Carrying out in the module), you can immediately drive the rest of the item in the check

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