ponoroshca2016-07-22 17:57:36
ponoroshca, 2016-07-22 17:57:36

1c trade and warehouse update?

When switching from 1s enterprise trade and warehouse edition 9.2 (7.70.935) to trade management 11 through the transition assistant, it cannot unload the configuration file, writes err Conversion FactorTo CurrencyControl = glMultiplicityForCurrency<<?>>(CurrencyControl, DateStart) / RateCurrencyControl;
{C:USERSPONOROSHCAAPPDATAROAMING1C1CV8TMPLTS1CTRAD E11_2_3_137CONV9_2TR9_2_TR11.ERT(7081)}: Function not found (gMutrForCurrency)

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Dmitry Kinash, 2016-07-22

It is obvious that your seven TiS is heavily rewritten. Most likely you have renamed the function glMultipleForCurrency()... Copy the function from the standard one or correct the upload processing.

Konstantin, 2016-07-25

or just update to the latest configuration.
or edit "Unloading Rules", in data conversion

Andrey, 2016-08-12

Each configuration has its own processing, which is stored in the "External Forms" directory

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