M252015-11-07 15:45:06
M25, 2015-11-07 15:45:06

1c - server on Linux, and clients on Windows - is it possible?

Is it possible to make the server be on Linux (ubuntu or centos), and on the workstations - thin Windows clients?
And is there really an advantage of 1s on Linux in terms of stability and performance?
And so as not to get up twice - will a five-dollar VPS be enough to start with for 1s (new and empty database)?
Thank you.

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Dim Boy, 2015-11-07

I saw this - it means it's possible. I won't say anything about the rest.
Look in the requirements for the server 1c hosting.

Yuri Goncharuk, 2015-11-09

azulen :
The criminal code must be respected. (c) O.S.B.M. Bender Bay
And you don't need to patch anything - you can use software licensing and / or a license server.
And for the 32-bit version, you need to install all the necessary set of 32-bit libraries. And you can no longer install 32-bit Apache for the web client. So it's still better to install a 64-bit 1C server.

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