Alex_Buzz2021-10-19 10:49:24
Alex_Buzz, 2021-10-19 10:49:24

1C: Server. Connecting to http service. How to block?

Hello colleagues!

I collect metrics from 1C via http. At the same time, I have IB update scripts.
The script is not executed if the IB has current connections. I was able to block client sessions and scheduled job sessions, but not http connections.

Does rac set such locks? If yes, please tell me how? I didn't find it in the rac command help.

I apologize for the crumpled wording. I'll try to describe the script's procedure:

1. Set the blocking of scheduled tasks
2. Set the blocking of the start of sessions
3. Kill all current connections
4. Run the update (load the configuration / start the update)
5. Start in enterprise mode, update the metadata
6. We remove locks of scheduled tasks
7. We remove locks of the beginning of sessions.

Execution of the script stops at point 4, where exclusive access to information security is needed. Usually in the configurator at this moment the system displays a window that the IB is busy and asks you to end the sessions / wait or cancel the update. The script outputs that there is an active http connection. This means that all set locks are ignored for connecting to IB with the "Connection to http service" application.

Is it possible for rac to block connections for IS in the cluster so that nothing prevents IS from being updated?

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Alexander Prokhorovich, 2021-10-19

A bit confusingly described. Perhaps your problem is not blocking connections (it blocks only new connections), but cutting off existing ones. From the point of view of the 1C server - the http service is actually just a constantly running 1C that does not turn off after the completion of the request, you can either cut off all current connections to the database after setting the lock, or forcibly stop the Apache / IIS service (on which you have it works?) and then the connection will disconnect itself.

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