Dmitry Krapivin2017-09-22 15:14:35
Dmitry Krapivin, 2017-09-22 15:14:35

1c if the product has gone, should its product range be displayed or deleted on the sender's server?

1. Company No. 1 received equipment:
VAZ-2109 car with serial number 34533
VAZ-2111 car with serial number
. 1 pc, Recipient: Company No. 1
01/02/2000, VAZ-2111 car with serial number 12231, Col. 1 piece, Recipient: Company No. 1
2. After a year of operation, for example, we decided to transfer the car to branch No. 3. In the system, we make an entry about the departure in the accumulation register Goods In Stock: 09/10/01
, VAZ-2109 car with serial number 34533, Col. 1 piece, Sender: Company No. 1, Recipient: Branch No. 3
Bottom line: from the date of transfer, 09/10/01, the nomenclature of the VAZ-2109 car with serial number 34533 is not registered by company No. 1, according to the report on the balance.
QUESTION: As I understand it, from the date of transfer, 10.09.01, of the nomenclature, the VAZ-2109 car with serial number 34533 should be deleted from the Company Database No. 1? But they need a quantitative report that they once had this nomenclature in the amount of 1 piece. You can probably just hide it after the transfer, then most likely the database will quickly fill up with hidden nomenclatures ...
Please tell me how to be, were there practical implementations of such an example?
The nomenclature card of the VAZ-2109 Car should not be accessible after the transfer, he also transferred it.
Our 1c system works according to the decentralized server scheme. Those. There are 3 organizations, for example, and each of them has its own server. There was an exchange between them.
Company No. 1
Branch No. 2
Branch No. 3
Accounting based on 1s enterprise.

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Konstantin Nagibovich, 2017-09-22

Alternatively, if your Nomenclature directory is hierarchical, create the "Deleted/sold/etc" group. and transfer the desired positions to this group.

Konstantin, 2017-09-23

RLS - set up and there are no problems.

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