Fedor Sumkin2021-02-05 21:54:42
Fedor Sumkin, 2021-02-05 21:54:42

1c how to return a typical selection window?

hello ,
tell me please

1. restored the database from dt
2. opened the selection window right after the restoration as it should not be typical
3. rebooted the computer, the selection window became standard standard
4. did a test fixing the database, the window became as it should not be standard
5. re-entered 1s, the selection window has become standard

, I can’t find anywhere how to return the selection window that was configured in the dt archive

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Konstantin, 2021-02-05

attach screenshots what are you ....

Dmitry Kinash, 2021-02-06

From the description of the question, we can conclude that you were given an archive of the modified database for verification. When unpacking, you saw that the form for selecting the nomenclature is exactly the same as you ordered (and perhaps after that you paid the developer). But the next day you did not find this new form and everything remained standard.
There are many options, of which the most likely ones are:
1) you unpacked along one path and, using fresh memory, correctly selected the desired copy in the list of databases, and then, out of habit, went into the working one and did not see anything new.
2) the developer was afraid that you would not pay him and made a "time bomb", and after receiving the payment (or perhaps precisely because of non-receipt) he did not say about the secret setting.
In any case, you will not find answers on the Internet. Invite a specialist to take a look and figure it out. Surely the franchisee in your city has tariffs from half an hour for a remote connection.

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